Celso Braz is a Visual / UX Designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area


Driver’s Angel app

UX Design concept

Driver's Angel is an app designed to prevent
and reduce distracted driving by educating
and help drivers to avoid interacting with
cell phones while driving.

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Visual Design concept

To make Beat.Box a unique, enjoyable, entertaining
and inspiring online music discovery experience, primarily
to single male users aged 18 - 25.

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Relax app

Visual Design concept

The app has a ten step relaxation routine
with nature sounds to relax and provide
a comfort mental zone to the user.

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About me

I improve visual
communication through
human-centered approach,
effective UI, UX, Visual
Design and animation;
for products, services and
other kinds of experiences.

I believe simplicity and
creativity produce effective
solutions. I’m passionate
about typography, advertising,
storytelling and animation.
I also enjoy reading, studying
and speaking.

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